JMU contingent


idelle cooper

Associate professor at James Madison University CV

2008-01-01 00.00.47-2.jpg

gillian slekar

Undergraduate researcher working on species recognition in Calopteryx damselflies 


Melissa encinias

Master's student working on species recognition in Calopteryx damselflies


anjali batra

Undergraduate researcher working on measuring body and wing color in damselfly scan

Previous lab members at JMU:

Phoebe Cook, Master’s student, now a Ph.D. student in the Brodie Lab at UVA

Suzanne Allison, Master’s student, now in the Integrated Life Sciences Ph.D. program at UGA

Ben Colligan, undergraduate researcher, now making the world a better place with the help of his newborn son

Joshua Mata, undergraduate researcher, now a Collections Assistant at The Field Museum in Chicago

Oumar Sacko, undergraduate researcher, now in a Ph.D. program at Old Dominion University

Additional JMU student assistance from: Dominique Sanchez, Mycah McNett, Shadden Elfinky, Madi Braman, and David Allely